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UnOfficially Famous Ep. 2: Ottawa, Canada

So things have taken off to another level. Watch @ThatDudeMCFly and @SlynkyDaSlyGuy chwill in Ottawa after performing at Carivibe and hosting Obsession. This video is filled with excitement and cool insight of how their trip went down. Visuals brought to by: Bad Habits “If you liked what you watch please

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Freshie’s Gotta Dance!

Its a dancing vibe! Who said dancehall music doesn’t get the best of any freshie, in any occasion. Its a must! Check this new film out with SlynkyDaSlyGuy, ThatDudeMcfly, WolfJMcFarlane, and SeniorGumBoy as they take you threw a journey of laughs as they bust thier perfected dancehall moves. Dance Mi

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Valid Like Salad

The song is banana’s, the dance.. not so much. But why let that hold us back. Valid Like Salad is mod without the dressing. Thats all Im tryna say. Get involved, lose yourself to the music. I had a blast dancing to this song even tho its been along time

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Bath Salt

The world is changing and you need to make sure you are updating with it. There has been a massive bath salt pandemic and you need to be safe by all means. Use this video to help your escape techniques just incase you ever encounter your own Bath Salt situation.

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The Jamaican Villan

This Could Be A Problem Its a world pandemic and someone is upset. They have a public service announcement that needs to be heard and I advise you listen. I think we can possible have a serious issue on our hands…

Chwillen Wid Sly: Brock University

@SlynkyDaSlyGuy Chewellen! Let the show begin, Check out Slynky going to Brock University to host a school event for the first time! With the support of his great co host @TheKidShae and many other committed staff members at Brock University, the show turned out to be a very successful show.

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Parking Wars

@SlynkyDaSlyGuy, @ThatDudeMcFly, and @TheRealTrixx Parking Wars is like no other. The film is pieced together to bring a diversity of jokes like none before. Starring favorites such as Marlisha, Errol, and Kofi, Slynky, Marlon, and Trixx have really made something special here. This is the official Jumpoff of something new.

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Badda Badda Performance

@ThatDudeMcFly & @SlynkyDaSlyGuy See it Yah! The first ever Badda Badda performance done out in Windsor Sports Weekend. “It was an amazing experience to share and the place was just crazy” – Da SlyGuy. This performance is definitely one for the books. It Badda Badda!

PSA – Windsor Sports Weekend “Badda Badda” Performance

@ThatDudeMcFly & @SlynkyDaSlyGuy So its out! ThatDudeMcFly and SlynkyDaSlyGuy will be doing an official BaddaBadda performance at Windsor Sports Weekend 2012, Culture Show! Its going down March 16-18 WIndsor! Dont Miss It! Tickets / Bus / Hotel packages available now! AHOH BADDA BADDA!

A Jamaican Valentines Day

@ThatDudeMcFly & @SlynkyDaSlyGuy What’s more better than gaining a Jamaican gesture on Valentine’s Day. Marlon Palmer and Slynky bring to you another film to help share the love. Enjoy the watch and take your lover somewhere nice. I recommend Massive Catering if this is the service they give.


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